The Journalist Zenel Çeliku – A Missionary of free speech

Zenel Çeliku was born on August 8, 1956, in Quarter 3, Tirana, in one of the most popular and most beautiful neighborhoods of the Albanian capital. His childhood has been associated with education, literature and football, for which he had a great passion, but he had a more innate talent in literature and in football.Zenel Celiku

Zenel Çeliku has completed the economic high school, the technology high school, the mechanical high school and the trade high school. At school he was one of those young people who wrote for the newspaper “The Youth” about literature and physical education. At a young age, his dream was to become a journalist, but the reality was far from the dream of that time.

At the age 18, Zeneli underwent the military service, which he completed well and without any problem. In two years of military service, he has written for the newspaper “The Warrior” many articles regarding sports activities in the Albanian army. After completing his military service, he returned to work and was also devoted to the university studies with much effort, but he never grew apart from football. At the same time he worked in the mechanical enterprise OAN and for the Social Service in Tirana.

In 1990, he finished the economic faculty with great difficulty considering his circumstances. After 1992, with the collapse of the communist system, Zeneli was one of the activists of the Democratic Party, as hundreds and thousands of Albanians, who aspired for an “Albania like all Europe”.

In those years he started dealing with small private business. Besides business, he continued to write many articles in  the newspaper “The Light” about the Albanian literature.IMG_0571

From 1993 to 1995, after a great work with a lot of efforts, Zeneli established a productive and legal private business.

Meanwhile, a strong call aroused every day in his soul. His desire to make his youth dream come true, to become a professional journalist was getting clearer. During this time he had published many articles in the daily press. He worked a lot also with the “Democratic Tribune” newspaper, as an outside journalist. However, he was not calm thinking that he should devote himself to journalism professionally, as he once dreamed.

Napoleon Roshi, one of the oldest and most talented Albanian journalists, often told him that “You, Zenel, are a boy with an innate talent for journalism so work hard in this direction. And it happened so, his wish came true after so many efforts.IMG_1778

In May 1995, Zenel Çeliku invested and established the first private independent news agency in Albania, called ” Albanian Independent News Agency (AINA) TIR-FAX”. For about a year he had problems with the politics of the time to register this agency, but finally he won this battle. On August 1996, the agency “Albanian Independent News Agency (AINA) TIR-FAX”, was crowned with the decision of the Court of Tirana and therefore Zenel Çeliku started a long beautiful loving and very hard journey, on his way to the professional journalist. His youthful dream had already come true.

In May 1998, working hard and with great dedication to this beautiful and very respectable but also difficult profession, Zeneli became a member with full rights in the International Press Institute, based in Vienna .

In June 2000, he became a member with full rights in the International Center of Journalists, based in Washington.IMG_1843

In October 2004, Zenel Çeliku became a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, based in Paris. During this time, he participated in about 11 training in the US and some European countries.

After a very dedicated work in the professional journalism, the awaited result finally came: Zenel Çeliku was rated highly in journalism. On May 18, 2012, the World Convention of New York gave him the grand prize “GOLD New York 2012”, as well as the highly prestigious award “Excellence”.

But he did not stop there. Zeneli won and deserved other assessments as well. On March 23, 2014, the International Organization of the Assessment of Personalities from various fields “OKAK”, honored him as a devoted journalist with the prestigious award “Global for Excellence, Quality & Ideal Performance “.IMG_3843

So the journalist Zenel Çeliku invested his talent in the beautiful profession of journalism, but after too many commitments, his efforts and sacrifices were rewarded. Now he feels very appreciated, very proud and very happy for these consecutive successes.

The high achievements in journalism motivate Zenel more and more everyday to continue the successful and hard way in his profession as a journalist in the service of peace and prosperity throughout the world.

Zenel Çeliku is already a prominent personality in the field of international journalism with major contributions in the service of world peace. IMG_3825For his values as a humanist intellectual, as a warrior of free thought and free speech and as a prominent activist in the field of protection of human rights, based on the principles of the United Nations, in December 2014, Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity, International Lobbying Organization, based in Albania, accredited to the UN, EU, USA, etc., has honored him with the title of  Peace Missionary and Honorary Member of this mission.

The Albanian prominent journalist Zenel Çeliku, as part of the honorary structures of Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity, is dedicated with all his soul in service of world peace under the example of the giant peacemakers such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mandela, and other peace warriors such as Rugova and  Arbnori in the Balkans.

The journalist Zenel Çeliku works inspired by the motto: Being a peace missionary, means to be a messenger of God on earth, in defense of the values of humanity.

Arba Berdica
Top Advisor of DMPP

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